It’s here at last…..

Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, Summer has been a fashionable latecomer this year, but better late than never…

The lovely clever poet, Sharron Green has penned this beautiful piece Suddenly Summer which captures so many images and senses that this season has (finally ) brought. Thank you so much, Sharron.

Do read on…

Suddenly Summer

Suddenly summer unfurled her

warm rays,

reached through the torrent of

rainy grey days.

Nature so vibrant from weeks on

the lash,

scurried to showcase its

burgeoning stash

Humans who’d hunkered in forced hibernation,

skipped from the shadows with joy

and elation.

Smiles on their faces their skin out

on show,

cleansed and refreshed by the sun’s

healthy glow.

Meanwhile the bees buzzed from

blossom to bloom,

making the most of a break from

the gloom.

Rhymes_n_roses 2021

Wasn’t that beautiful?! Keep them coming, Sharron. Thank you so much. I pictured so much with that lovely piece.

Thanks for looking in, Poetry Lovers, and any pieces on this warm season are welcome.

Tune in real soon, same time, same channel…..

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