The Cat Triolet

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome back to our Triolet Corner.

Lovely and talented poet, Trisha Broomfield has given us this wonderful piece titled ‘The Cat’.

Beautifully done and right up mine and Mrs Slagg’s street. Trisha will be given a personal invitation from the lady herself to read this piece live at the Slagg’s Cafe. A great honour.

It’s an exquisite triolet, so read on ;

The Cat

The cat sits on my door mat

It must have its own home

It’s not thin, but not fat

The cat sits on my doormat

Maybe it has smelled a rat?

It looks at me, its eyes alone

The cat sits on my doormat

It must have its own home?

Trisha Broomfield 17/06/2021

Wasn’t that a terrific piece?! Thank you so much, Trisha. See you at the Slagg’s Cafe. There is an open invitation to send in your own triolets, PL’s.

Thanks for tuning in, be back with more antics real soon….

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