Diminishing Verse – a collaboration with Dobby…

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we are going to do a diminishing verse. I have Dobby’s assistance in this – I think…

”Isn’t that right, Dobby?”

“Now Dobby, do not go back to sleep. Remember what we rehearsed. A diminishing verse is great fun. We take a word that can be stripped away – like …astray

So we use the word astray

What’s the next word, Dobby?

That’s right. Stray

And as Dobby says; the next word is tray.

So now we’ve prepared a poem, haven’t we, Dobby with these three words;

So, you really led me astray

When you took in that stray

Serving her fish on a tray

Needless to say, the last line is Dobby’s favourite. Wasn’t that fun? Do try one yourself but best not to ask Dobby to help.

Meanwhile this is Dobby getting her reward for co-operating with the mini-poetry workshop today.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Any ideas or poems for another diminishing verse, do send them in. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more poetry action real soon….

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