Mrs Slagg’s Mini Class

Mrs Slagg, while impressed at Dobby’s diminishing verse, reckons she could go one better.

In fact, she’s written a couple. Read on;


Me and Mr Slagg had a spat

Over the new girl called Pat

He thinks she’s where it’s at

Stale Pie

Mr Slagg said my pie was stale

I gave him what for, a sorry tale

Now he’s gone out to drink ale

The Plate

Mr Slagg deliberately broke me best plate

He’s been so very stroppy as of late

I blame the dog bowl off which he ate

The New Girl

New girl Edna is full of charms

But it’s Mr Slagg who that harms

So I slapped him about on the arms

What do you think, PL’s? Do you think you could do a better one? With less violence? Please send them in, and risk Mrs Slagg’s wrath. Are you brave enough?

Send one in if you dare! thanks for tuning in, we’ll be back real soon

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