Diminishing Verse Challenge

Hello Poetry Lovers

We have a celebrity filled challenge today. First of all, we have a diminishing verse from the gorgeous and talented poet, Trisha Broomfield. Who goes head to head with Mrs Slagg and Dobby. What a lethal combination, and collaboration as the two of them composed their’s together. I didn’t think they could even be in the same room!

Anyway, Trisha, bless you for this. It’s wonderful. Read on….

The moon gives out a ghostly glow

The lights are dim, romantic, low

You stub you toe and mutter, ‘Ow’.

Excellent, Trisha. Well done, thank you. A great piece.

Now to the next explosive writer(s)

Okay, let’s have a clean slate

You’ve been tardy as of late

It must be that pie you ate

Weren’t they two whoppers?! Wonderful writing, the three of you. I think a draw is in order, and pies all round!

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more exciting poetry real soon……

2 thoughts on “Diminishing Verse Challenge

  1. Great job! How’s this diminishing verse

    I’m happy to pledge
    Slagg’s Cafe’s a Ledge
    It sure has the edge

    The menu is strapping
    Pies with ev’ry trapping
    Hear rhymers a rapping

    They’ve had to ban stripping
    since old folks went tripping
    after corset ripping

    So please take your place
    The cloth isn’t lace
    But Slagg’s Caff is Ace

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