Dream Reunion

Hello Poetry Lovers

Do you ever get those half-asleep kind of dreams? In the very small hours before morning really comes into its own? And are they about people long gone?

Suddenly, they’re there before you and you’re talking to them like you used to. In this case, it was a friend who had been gone for over 10 years. And there she was again – albeit briefly.

Bit of a maudlin piece but do read on;

Dream Reunion

Last night I saw you again –

reunited at last.

Your voice had changed.

I hadn’t heard it for so long.

We tried to recapture the intimacy of

the classroom and girl’s bog secrets.

Reading Henry Miller when your Mum was out,

a dab of powder puff before I ran

round your house to listen to Dory Previn.

What have you been up to?

Not much, I’m guessing.

Did you know Laura Ashley’s shop isn’t there anymore?

Do you remember when Biba closed?

You’re slipping away, your voice faint.

I didn’t get shortlisted, I blurt out in panic,

and the Columbo’s on Channel 5 are all repeats!

The cat’s been sick, and my husband won’t

leave the dishwasher alone!

I woke up then, and you’d gone.

The changing world and my problems were

too much for you.

H Moulson 2021

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon….

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