Beauty Spot

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome to our beauty spot section.

Adoring any form of cosmetic, I’ve tried to sum up a life-long hankering for something intangible. And I don’t think I’m the only one by any means.

The word beauty promises something so elusive, anyway do read on…..

Made Up 

Mum went out the house with a 

smudge of lipstick and face powder

Sister would do some self-mutilating 

eye-liner, and spit on cake mascara

I longed for false eyelashes and baby

pink blusher 

But toner took off half my skin

loose powder granules swum in my handbag

Mascara on my pillow

traces of red lipstick on a tea cup

Tan soaked tissues on the dressing

table – all slovenly attempts at beauty 

Foundation only good for covering 

love bites – and tears.

I wasn’t going to find my other face.

One that other’s put on so easily.

Glamour would never be my friend 

destined to stand in the beauty playground 

all alone 

  • Until I discovered bronzer!        

H Moulson 2020

I hoped you like this piece, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon for more poetry shenanigans.

One thought on “Beauty Spot

  1. Beware of the “greengrocers’ apostrophe”. In your poem you have written the possessive [ other’s ] where you mean just the plural [ others ]. Your friend and fellow-poet, Connaire the Nit-picker

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