Dorothy Parker

Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, Dobby and I had a wonderful August doing the Sealey Challenge. Reading one poetry pamphlet or collection a day for the whole month. More exacting than it first appears, but we learnt an awful lot from it.

I think Dobby’s learning curve was to stay under the bed next August, but I was enlightened to new and wonderful poetry.

Dorothy Parker’s collection, I recall I purchased at the National Theatre bookshop in the summer of ‘85. When I really grew as a person, and learnt about so many new and exciting cultural things.

I’d always adored Dorothy Parker and her witty style. When I devoured her short stories, there were tears of laughter and something else so much darker. However, I didn’t look at her poetry until 31st August 2021, so it’s a mere gap of 36 years but better late than never.

Here’s one of her many wonderful poems, I do recommend a look at her work;

The False Friends

They laid their hands upon my head.

They stroked my cheek and brow;

And time could heal a hurt, they said,

And time could dim a vow.

And they were pitiful and mild

who whispered to me then,

“The heart that breaks in April, child,

Will mend in May again.”

Oh, many a mended heart they knew.

So old they were, and wise.

And little did they have to do

To come to me with lies!

Who flings me silly talk of May

Shall meet a bitter soul;

For June was nearly spent away

Before my heart was whole.

Wasn’t that so beautiful? And I’m about to enjoy more of them. Funny how a book yellowing in your bookshelf suddenly comes back into life.

Thanks for reading, PL’s and stay tuned for more poetry shenanigans.

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