The Sealey Challenge

Hello PL’s

I’d love to talk more about The Sealey Challenge that Dobby and I took on in August, where we read 31 pamphlets, one for each day of the month (I’m sure you worked that one out for yourself!)

August is a dull and grim month for me normally, full of nothing. At least I don’t have the children off school anymore as they’re grown up now, but it can still stretch ahead. However, that wasn’t the case for August 2021.

Anyway, these are some of the wonderful books me and Dobby took on. If I’ve left out anyone’s, forgive me.

Also there were so many more I would have liked to have covered, but time amazingly, ran out. I tried to focus on women the most but I slipped a few male poets in;

I’m so glad I featured works that were very special to me;

It was an absorbing journey, PL’s. I recommend you get onboard in 2022….

Thanks for tuning in and sharing my journey, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back real soon…..

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