Milestones a Cotswold Home

Hello Poetry Lovers

before I set sail on holiday, I really wanted to post this touching poem from clever poet, Trisha Broomfield

A strong and poignant recollection of a childhood home. I remember longing to live in the country, and after reading this, I realise I still do.

I also had the pleasure of Trisha face to face last week at the Roger McGough Finalists Competition. Hence the lovely selfie above. What a day that was….

Read on;

Milestones a Cotswold Home

Four cottages knocked into one

the ghost inhabited number two

only mum could see, moving to one side

to let it pass each time they met

in the doorway to the dining room

the hall was twenty-two yards long

mum said, as long as the cricket pitch

but we were too young to care

as long as we had our own rooms

one each with a window seat

horses clip clopped down the road

the farmer next door kept pigs

and mud, school was an uphill struggle

and a huddle around a round fire,

Royal Scots washed down with warm school milk

we watched, under duress, Yuri Gagarin

his flight a milestone in the race to space

while swinging our legs, bored.

Then out to play, so much room to run

so little chance of reaching a beach.

Trisha Broomfield 2021

Wasn’t that a beautiful piece? Real images of childhood and intricate detail. Thank you so much, Trisha. Please keep them coming.

Going on a boat this week. I’ll keep you posted Thanks for tuning in …….

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