All Seasons

Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, the weather may be balmy but I’m certainly turning out my drawers and sorting out my winter clothes. Isn’t it lovely when seasons turn?

September to many of us is like a new start. That’s why I was inspired by Sharron Green’s beautiful poem below. It says so much about the nature that surrounds us and how we should appreciate it.

Thank you for this, Sharron, a real corker Do read on;

A Taste for all Seasons

Spring sends us all a-spin with a fresh spurt.
From slumberland, new life aspires to grow.
Slim saplings through the frost with danger flirt,
and tulips pop up trumpeting ‘Hello!’

Summer’s slick swallows swiftly swoop and soar.
Seeds sown, now grown, sway softly in the breeze.
Butterflies bid blue buddleia ‘Bonjour!’
Chic sunflowers seize kisses from the bees.

Autumn blazes forth to wild ovations.
Its incandescent energy ignites.
Each leaf’s decease draws soulful incantations.
Flamboyant flair incites a raw delight.

Winter cloaks the sky in clotted clouds.
It’s crystals form a fragile filigree.
The Earth is enveloped in icy shrouds.
While nature rests, this perfect pause is key.

If you want every day to be win win
Be fully in the season you are in.

@rhymes_n_roses 2021

Wasn’t that such a beautiful piece? Such detail that defined the seasons we live through Thank you, Sharron, and keep them coming ….

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon with more poetry adventures……

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