A Fag Villanelle

Hello Poetry Lovers

I thought we’d start the week with a bit of fun. Now I don’t know what possessed me, but I wrote a villanelle about cigarettes. Almost a taboo subject now but so irresistible.

I usually find villanelles very hard but this one took me 10 minutes to write while I was having my morning coffee, so it just goes to show you.

Anyway, it’s just a bit of a laugh so do read on;

Fags Villanelle

Please give me back my fags 

You’re a scrubber and a thief

Rifling through our handbags 

You really should be wearing tags

Or turning over a new leaf

And please give me back my fags 

From the sweet shop you nick mags

From Tesco, joints of beef

You’re just like the other slags

So please go and nick more swag 

To be honest, it will be a relief 

When you give me back my fags

Remember it was Rothmans fags 

Don’t hide behind that sheath

And get some more carrier bags 

You didn’t do it? Good grief!

It was your boyfriend Keith 

But you were still behind the blags

So please give me back my fags 

H Moulson 2021

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Any villanelles, or other forms of poetry, do send in. Have a good week

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