A Seasonal Quatcube

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we feature a very seasonal quatcube by the lovely poet, Trisha Broomfield.

I couldn’t resist featuring it on here, what with stir-up Sunday and everything…. I’m still struggling with my own piece, and the talented Trisha and Sharron Green put me to shame.

Thank you so much for this superb piece, Trisha. It features all the warmth of a seasonal preparation that makes one really feel like Christmas is truly coming…

Do read on ;

Our Christmas cake
Butter and spice 
Unwaxed lemon

Gluten free flour
Barbara’s eggs
Yolks like sunshine 
From friendly hens

Raisins currants 
Sultanas too
Prunes to help you
Go to the loo

Glacé cherries 
And candied peel
Must not forget
Slosh in brandy!

Wasn’t that so tenderly detailed, PL’s. Such an atmosphere about that piece. Well done, Trisha. Please keep them coming .

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon….

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