Happy (ish) New Year

Happy New Year, Poetry Lovers.

Are we embracing 2022? Or shying away from it, fearing yet another blow from Lockdown? There seems to be tremendously mixed and tentative feelings about this very new year .

So, to counteract this trepidation, I have posted two pieces on the New Year.

The first you will see is pretty miserable but may remind us of New Year celebrations best forgotten.

The second is a much more positive piece, with optimism from that lovely talented poet, Trisha Broomfield. She cleverly sums up how we should be feeling

New Year Lament 

Nylon underwear beneath 

Effervescent clothes 

Worn for a New Year but

Yearning for midnight and

Escape from false exuberance 

Aching to undress and get 

Ready for bed 

H Moulson 2021

Now this is Trisha’s, far more profound;

New Year Acrostic 

Never underestimate

Every person’s desire to

Will in a new and better

Year than the one before

Each one of us wishes to see sunshine

And smiles, to hear heart-warming words.

Return to the past? Why would you? 

© TB

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