Hello Poetry Lovers

Good to be back after a somewhat rocky week.

Now, knocking about with my old friend, Instagram, I discovered the Zejel poetry form. Looked terrific fun so I thought I’d share one with you.

This is an old Spanish form, and the first stanza starts with a tercet, the other 3 consist of 4 lines. Afraid I discarded the syallables but they are usually 8 in each line. What a rebel!

It puts me in mind of the Kyrelle form, but see what you think;


I put on a new lipstick 

But I find it too thick 

I’ll never look slick 

It’s gloss I need, not matt

This one makes me look fat

I have to look for the cat 

I think she’s been sick 

My face powder is too pale

I just bought it in a sale 

I’ll chuck it without fail 

I can take my pick 

The lights start to dim 

I can smell something grim

I’d better get out the Vim

The clock has a menacing tick

Wasn’t that just fun?! Try one yourselves and show me

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back for more poetry party tricks real soon

3 thoughts on “ZEJEL POEM

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