The Clerihew

Hello Poetry Lovers

Friday already! I thought I’d give us something to mull over over the weekend.

Adelaide favourite and recently featured poet, Tony Josolyne has introduced me to this wonderful Clerihew poetry form.

Thank you for that, Tony. I’ve sketched another picture of you here, with a Dick Tracy element

This is Tony’s wonderful piece. Although this was news a few weeks ago, it’s still very relevant to the madness that’s going on at this moment;

Goodbye! Goodbye! Allegra Strattan

no more to put her party hat on

her publicised mock interview

has led her to this clerihew

T Josolyne 2021

Wasn’t that just wonderful and clever?! Now, here’s my amateurish attempt;

Warhol Clerihew

I wanted a date with Andy Warhol

Certain he’d be bright and colourful

But they said he was cheap and tight

And would never help me in a fight 

Dobby Moulson 2021

So, I couldn’t resist looking up its origins, and I see it was invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley at the age of 16! I adored this one;

Sir Christopher Wren

Said, “I am going to dine with some men.

If anyone calls

Say I am designing St. Paul’s.”[1]

E. clerihew Bentley 1905

Wasn’t that fascinating ?! I can see you all writing these clerihews now. I know Dobby’s getting scribbling (after she comes off Zoom)

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry shenanigans real soon……

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