Easter Parade

Hello Poetry Lovers

Happy Easter, and how could I not include a lovely seasonal piece like this from the talented Sharron Green?!

Although restrictions have loosened somewhat, we are still tentative towards going back to normality, and this poem is very relevant indeed.

A corker, Sharron, thank you so much. Read on, readers….

This Easter’s Unique

This Easter’s unique, unlike any before
Out in the garden Spring’s blossoms reign

Spring’s out in the garden blossoms galore
But here I am trapped inside what a pain

Trapped here inside what a pain and a bore

Daffodils and bluebells light up the lane

Bluebells and daffodils dazzle my core
But really I wish I could be in Spain

Wishing I could be in Spain by the shore
Supping sangria with no chance of rain

I can sup sangria but rain’s in store
Maybe I will make a daisy chain

A daisy chain linking loved ones once more
This Easter’s unique, unlike any before

Rhymes_n_Roses 2022

Wasn’t that a terrific piece?! For further treats and poetry, visit Sharron’s treasure trove website on http://rhymesnroses.com

Happy Easter PL’s and thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned and we’ll be back with more poetry antics real soon….

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