Triolet Corner

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today I couldn’t resist going back to Triolet Corner, one of my favourite poetry forms.

Thanks to the lovely Sharon Andrews aka @inksomnia_poetry, an admirably prolific poet and constant inspiration, who gave us this beautiful prompt. Sharon is many times published, and titles include A Heart Full of Haiku and and Moon Writing.

Sharon, a dog lover, (Dobby wants me to cut off all contact, natch) also hosts wonderful live readings. A poet worth looking up.

So, the first poem is mine, followed by a beautiful piece from Sharon. Get reading….

My Mouth is a Crescent Moon

My mouth is a crescent moon

Longing to be loved and kissed

You tell me not to be a buffoon

My mouth is a crescent moon

When I see you there, I swoon

But you’re intent on getting pissed

My mouth is a crescent moon

Longing to be loved and kissed

H Moulson 2022

The following piece is from Sharon herself, a tender and personal poem.

A Cup of Springtime

Pour me a cup of springtime
To warm these winter lips
A fragrance so sublime
Lingering floral sips

Darling boil the kettle
Steep the perfumed leaves
Watch the floating petals
Inhale the scent and breathe

Pour me a cup of sunshine
Let me feel the bliss
A calming moment so serene
Pulls me from the abyss

I’ll hold the liquid in my mouth
Feel the flavour on my tongue
Watch the sun rise in the south
Know that spring has sprung

Pour me a cup of renewal
Let me sense my spirit float
I can feel my body refuel
As spring slips down my throat

“A cup of springtime”

Wasn’t that just a beautiful piece?! So full of detail and tenderness. Do look up Sharon’s poetry, really worth a read…

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon……

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