Vowel Challenge

Hello Poetry Lovers

So after our wonderful night out with the irresistible John Cooper Clarke and the alluring Luke Wright, some of us put our heads together to write poems using only one vowel.

This was inspired by Luke Wright performing Ron’s Knock Off Shop – using only the O vowel.

We’ve had some marvellous and clever ones, and I know first hand what a labour of love these pieces are. That didn’t stop these three poets coming up trumps.

So the first piece is by the inspiring and clever poet Anne Warrington, who is only using the i vowel. Love this, do read on;

Sighing Micky

Mick is in cynic mind

His child is drinking mild pints with Will whilst

Kid Billy lights cigs in Rick’s dinghy

Mick lifts his fists in fright,

Biting his lip, he sighs

He lights a cig.

A Warrington 23.06.2022

Marvellous, isn’t it. Some rules broken there, but you know what….?! What else are rules for if not to be broken?!

The next is from the superb poet Trisha Broomfield who witnessed the great Luke at work alongside me. Another terrific piece, do read….

Anna handstands grandly

flat hat

falls, pants sandy,

Art plays ball

Anna, pants handbag, starts lawn darts

Art farts, gas, nasty

says, ‘slag’,

Anna , savvy tart, drags fag smartly

lays flat

hazy days

calls Art, ‘Carry?’

Art, fast car, says’ Walk lazy cat,’

Anna sprawls, splays arms


‘crazy lady,’ Art says,

‘Car? Carry?’ Anna calls

Art starts fast car, jam jar, ‘Class act Anna,’

gaming palls.’

And buggers off.

Trisha Broomfield 23.06.22

Beautiful, isn’t it. The breaking of rules only enhances these pieces and quite right, after penning all those lovely lines.

Now we come to the lovely Sharon Andrews, who we also challenged to write one. Needless to say, Sharon came up trumps;

Angsty Ann was adamant

Cats always sway

Pray all day at an altar

Adam’s banana hat

May alarm an alpha

Sparks flash, a party!

Madam shall crawl away

S H Andrews June 2022

Another wonderful piece. Now mine is a damp squib compared to all those beauties, but humour me anyway;

Pass a fag, gal
Damn, what an ass
That haphazard happy day
Adamant grass was hard as glass
Ann always wash hands haphazardly
handstands apply!

H Moulson 23.06.22

I know, I had to get fag in there somewhere. This is a great innovative form, do get scribbling now… Thank you so much, Luke Wright.

There, I’ve done some glamorous sketches of us all.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Back with more poetry adventures real soon….

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