A Night Out with Robert Garnham

I know! What ravers we are! One social engagement after another. Especially with talented poets!

We adore the Guildford Fringe Festival, so much more civilised than that overwhelming Edinburgh one. So much so, that last night we went to see the prolific and wonderful Robert Garnham upstairs at The Keep. A beautiful venue opposite the castle.

Trisha Broomfield, Sharron Green, Carla Scarano and I have all swooned over Robert at Woking, and we’ve been staunch fans ever since. His poetry so witty and enticing with real human stories. Last night was no exception.

Drawing us in with Seaside Serenade full of amazing details and humour, Robert told us he chose poetry because of his soaring fear of success. Then treating us to a nostalgic moment concerning tinned mackerel fillets, Robert launched into Sideburns, and how they held him at back at school. Such hilarious and poignant moments.

This poet gave us gentle yet brutal and undeniable truths. Recalling a former deceased auntie, and the question of is it really worth living?! Then performing a personal favourite of mine – Planning My Funeral. This humorous piece echoes my sentiments entirely. Can’t stand all this wear something colourful business – sombre black and grim all the way. Well said, Robert.

Keeping us in fits about his poet residency on a fish factory ship cum trawler, among other great poems, we loved Homecoming. And stories of Stinky Pete and the poetry workshop in the fish gutting room. We stayed with the poet on that boat and waved (!) through it.

That profound question that we ask ourselves came up; why are they called fishcakes when we know fish can’t actually bake cakes?! I think this is very relevant indeed, and the issue should be addressed!

Robert Garnham gives us much more than clever words, he presents a way of life. And tenderness, Nathan Who Went For a Walk in the Rain was performed so poignantly. An important person in the poet’s life, and we found ourselves walking with him.

Alighting this life changing boat, Robert gave us the wonderful classic Shackalakaboomboom. We all went home reciting this immortal expression. An hour of joy had already passed. Do catch Robert at Edinburgh if you’re there, for a unique and uplifting hour. You may never be the same again!

The vibrant Robert Garnham is at the Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh, part of the pbh Edinburgh Free Fringe from the 14th August to the 21st at 8.15. Don’t miss him. https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/robert-garnham-yay

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back with more poetry treats real soon…

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