The Vowel Affair

Hello Poetry Lovers

What can I say?! Whatever has our hero Luke Wright ignited here?! And how fortunate I am to know such talented poets.

Wimping out after attempting an A vowel only poem, my contemporaries have gone from strength to strength, taking on vowel pieces and building up such intriguing and alluring poetry.

I think it’s best to feature one poet at a time to ease you gently into this fascinating world. So we’ll start with Trisha Broomfield’s amazing work, taking on the letter E. Do read, they’re exquisite;

Leeds Lee meets Essex Elle

Leeds Lee meets Essex Elle, pretty knees,

‘Hey Squeeze. check these keks!’

Essex Elle, breezy, Lee’s effete.

Lee pecks Elle’s neck, wetly

‘Hey, jerk!’

Lee, ‘Trek? Tent, trees?’

Elle, ‘Where? Jet? E-Type? Speed?’

Lee, ‘Bet debts, tents, pegs, trees, scenery?’

Elle treks, tent, freezes. Trees, vetch, sneeze, wheeze.

Leeds Lee meets Ely Eve, pretty cheeks,

‘Hey squeeze! Check these keks!’

Let me peck your pretty cheek.’

Eve, ‘Jerk! Wet!’

Leeds Lee


Leeds Lee meets Doll Dobbs (Hoxton)

‘Hey sweet cheeks, check these keks.

Doll’ ‘Wow!’ Wot job?’ Dosh?’

Lee, ‘Er, vet, bet debts. Beer?.’

Doll, ‘Pot of oolong, good for spots.’

Lee, ‘Eccles? Cheese? Even celery.’

Doll, ‘Hot pot, cod.

Lee, ‘Ok, excellent.’ Lee chews, chews, ‘Eel?!’

Doll, ‘Good for colon.’

Lee, ‘EEK!’


Lee, empty, pecks her neck tenderly,

‘Pretty neck, pretty chest, pretty…’

Doll, ‘Oy! Not bot!’

Doll socks Lee, hops off.


Do you know, like all of us, I have a soft spot for Leeds Lee. I hope he finds fulfilment soon – as well as a decent meal.

Thank you so much, Trisha for those wonderful pieces. You are so prolific.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll back with more poetry action real soon….

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