Mirror Issue

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today I thought we should have some mirror action. Mirrors are so intriguing to draw and write about. They are infinite and mysterious. So for fun, I’ve penned a couple of pieces.

One’s reflection in the mirror is:
Hopeful in the morning

Dodgy in the afternoon
Past caring in the evening
Avoided at night

Skeltonic Verse

Mirror mirror on the wall

Look at the dust in this hall

How will get my kids to school?! 

Mirror mirror on the door

My husband went off with a whore

My new boyfriend is an awful bore

Mirror mirror by the shed

Why is he no good in bed? 

When he sleeps, I hope he’s dead

Mirror mirror on the ceiling

Why am I so devoid of feeling?

Sexual antics are not healing

Mirror mirror by the sink

I look haggard, do you think?

I really need a good stiff drink 

Mirror mirror by the stairs

I’ve met someone who cares! 

Blankly your reflection stares

Mirror mirror you really should

Tell me why I feel this good

Sadly you’re only made of wood 

Wasn’t that just fun?! Please put any mirror inspired poems on a postcard, and I’ll do more mirror sketches.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Next issue we have a marvellous Poetry Basket Review. Don’t touch that dial!!!

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