Poetry Demons

Hello Poetry Lovers

Now, during this heat and the long days of August, instead of feeling sorry for myself as usual, I have been writing daily August poetry prompts and I have really been enjoying them.

I thought I’d share one of them with you, this particular prompt My Demons Write Poetry gave me the chance to sketch some imps. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to draw them. Anyway, read on…..

My Demons write poetry

while I sit here drinking coffee. 

I offer to help but they seem

to have the task in hand.  

How do they know what to put?!

How did they get that Pandora’s

Box key?!

The one that unlocks feelings, 

memories and emotions?! 

It seems to be their real forte,

and they have no intention of

returning it.  

Nor the pencil, paper nor iPad.  

They walk in uninvited, 

make themselves at home.  

I’ve seen a lot worse houseguests,

they’re polite enough, so I really 

shouldn’t complain. 

They text me when they’ve finished

and to expect them the next day. 

H Moulson 2022

I had great fun writing that one. They’re quite nice demons really. Like monsters, not all of them are nasty.

Thanks for reading, PL’s and please keep cool in this heat. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…

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