Poems for Ukraine

Hello Poetry Lovers

We had a great night at the Willoughby Arms in Kingston on Friday, where Poetry Performance launched our anthology Poems for Ukraine.

A stunning collection of poems about the current situation in Ukraine, with proceeds going to British-Ukraine Aid. Full of strong pieces, there’s a particularly ruthless poet on page 60!

Kicking off with comic and amusing verse, introduced by Ian Lee-Dolphin in a very vibrant shirt indeed, Stephen Harman and Andrew Evzona performed witty pieces (with help from yours truly). That started the evening nicely and we saw wonderful readings from Connaire Kensit, Tony Josolyne, Robin Clarke, Keith Wait, Heather Montford, Margaret May, Fran Thurling, Birthday Boy Greg Freeman, the amazing Carla Scarano and many more…..

Andrew Evzona ended the first half with a very moving poem about the passing of our Queen.

The Booming Lovelies headlined this first half – aka Moi, Trisha Broomfield and Sharron Green. It was so lovely to perform together.

After a very well deserved interval where more books and raffle tickets were sold, the tone changed and Anne Warrington and Ken Mason opened the second half detailing how this nightmare in the Ukraine really began

It was a more sombre tone but had no less impact on the room. I read my own war poem plus Pratibha Castle’s In The Slips. There were some very moving readings including Dilly Orme and Adelaide favourite Barbara Lee. Plus newcomer Haroon Omar and Graham Harmes.

The readings of these talented poets really brought home the message of crisis and suffering in the Ukraine. It was indeed a very moving evening.

Brought to a great climax by Ian Lee-Dolphin’s powerful songs including Mad, Vlad and Dangerous to Know . Very clever piece.

With every thanks to Anne Warrington who devised this very special evening and to all the readers and supporters of this proud moment.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s, and sharing this wonderful evening with me.

We’ll be back with more poetry capers real soon….

5 thoughts on “Poems for Ukraine

  1. Thank you so much Heather for this review, which provides a flavour of the atmosphere that pervaded the Willoughby Arms in Kingston during this poetry event organised as a response to the Russian and The Ukrainian war.

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  2. An excellent evening of varied moving poetry and entertainment superbly organised by Anne Warrington with her efficient support team of Ken Mason and Heather Moulson ,while, Ian Lee Dolphin kept the show moving as professionally as possible ,and, a perfect way for Greg Freeman to spend a landmark birthday.Let’s hope the book sales go through the roof for a very worthwhile cause ,as, there should be NO refugees in this world of ours!

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