Celine’s Salon Launch

Hello Poetry Lovers

I went to Celine’s terrific launch on Tuesday 13th September at The Blue Posts in the heart of Soho.

Although some say Soho has been sanitised somewhat, I really think this square mile still has a certain allure. Nostalgia? Mystique? Simply intriguing? Whatever anyone thinks, there’s definitely a vibrant and creative scene very present indeed. This was shown to us on Tuesday.

I was proud to be part of this second volume of Celine’s Salon anthology, published beautifully by Wordville Press. The words of the fabulous poetry reading in Tenby, among others, were all down in this stunning book. And I was honoured to read out my work.

Celine, who really knew how to capture a crowded Soho pub, kickstarted this great event at 7 pm. I read first and I still reel from the magic of reading live, especially as it was brutally snatched away from us recently.

Plus there were excellent readings and readers, including Tom McColl, Billy Parker, Pinky, Ashley Chapman, Douglas Wilson and Celine herself.

Not to mention catching up with all my heroes! Barney Ashton-Bullock, Lucy Lyrical and Polly Bull. Wonderful photographer Clancy Gebler Davies took great images of a unique night. And of course, Celine and Gary made this all possible. My thanks to you both….

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s and sharing this special moment. We’ll be back with more poetry capers real soon….

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