A Tribute to Buttons

Hello Poetry Lovers

Now I don’t mean that well-meaning, if irritating, character who loved Cinderella, I mean Buttons, the ones on our coats and cardigans. Or not, as the wonderful poet Trisha Broomfield points out in this superb and beautifully written piece.

So many memories in this poem, especially with the button tin. Who doesn’t remember playing with a battered button tin at some point in their childhood?! Mum’s had a white dog on it, I recall.

Anyway read on;

To Buttons Everywhere

Once cardigans had buttons,

though buttoning was a chore,

it saved pulling ourselves together

all the time, which was a bore.

Buttons are a blessing

when out in breezy weather

buttoning from top to toe

keeps us all together.

Hanging onto garments

doesn’t look too clever

we need those pearly buttons

to keep ourselves together.

Sadly I think buttons

have probably had their day

and a life without the button

seems to be the way.

My gran once owned a button tin,

which now gives me great pleasure,

a feast of buttons different sizes,

to keep me all together.

Wasn’t that such a lovely piece and observation on our changing times?! I have to agree, there’s something loveless about having a garment with no buttons. The comfort has gone from it.

Thank you so much, Trisha, please keep them coming. A very detailed and personal piece.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…

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