Baggage ….

Hello Poetry Lovers

My return to Tenby for the pamphlet launch is looming, and I was taken with poet Trisha Broomfield’s terrific piece on packing. Not only is this beautifully written, it’s also so relevant to me and my current packing.

Sad, wistful, nostalgic and very amusing contents are listed here. Not to mention how high maintenance we get as the years shed away. Do have a look and see how it strikes a chord;

Rucksacks and Other Packs

I was always happy to pack my rucksack;

socks, t-shirts, teabags, toothbrush,

Stergene and Silverkrin, in sachets,

clothes old, rolled, rollers, spare boots and vest,

rice, Fig Rolls, toilet rolls, 

Rimmel face powder, Orchid, I think, 

a black eye pencil.

Now my suitcase groans,

despite the lack of aforementioned items,

there is more ladies intimate apparel,

conditioner, moisturiser, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curlers,

(really) foot cream, hand cream, brushes, paperbacks,

I’m not a Kindle lover, notebooks and pens,

(I like to write real).

now I pack a host of ‘in case’s in my case,

which weighs more than my trusty rucksack ever did,

just because it can. 

02/11/2022Trisha Broomfield

Wasn’t that a marvellous piece of writing?! And so true! Thank you so much, Trisha, keep them coming. That will be all my contents in a poor groaning suitcase this week..

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action (from Wales) real soon…..

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