Welcome back to Nostalgia Corner

Hello Poetry Lovers

Let me lead you once again to nostalgia corner. Talented poet Trisha Broomfield has written a follow-up to my recent piece on Talcum powder.

This particular, now overlooked, beauty item is playing on my mind, I think it’s because Christmas is approaching. Which as we know, is the ultimate nostalgic corner.

Anyway read this terrific and so wistful piece, and see how many brands you recognise – and probably still yearn for….

Talcum Powder

We filled our shoes,

walked in clouds of blissful ignorance,

Bronnley Freesia billowed out.

We puffed plastic bottles, more clouds,

liberally into our bras and knicks.

Cuticura, sprinkled like icing sugar,

on bathroom floors,

retained our flat-foot after bath prints.

Ashes of Roses for the bold,

Lenthéric Tweed for the old.

Then there was Kiku in its golden globe

with tasselled top.

The softest powder puff

luxurious in size, made a girl feel special, 

like its pal, Xanadu,

a purple bomb contained its pong.

Talc, an essential present when stuck, 

second only to square bath cubes,

scented with whatever Morney had in mind.

How I miss the ritual bliss.


26/10/2022Trisha Broomfield

Wasn’t that such a beautiful piece?! Where have these glamorous staples gone?! Thank you so much, Trisha, please keep them coming…

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon……

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