Quality Street Poem ..

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we feature a vital part of Yuletide – the tin of sweets, and the most superior of them all, namely Quality Street.

That tin by our sides that we tuck into while watching the King’s Christmas speech, and a crafty few before the turkey.

Hands up who can truthfully say they haven’t done such a thing! Or that they’ve even lasted before the Big Day.

Anyway, marvellous and clever poet Sharron Green aka rhymes_n_roses has summed this up so beautifully. I hope that I have sketched it justifiably.

Do read on, it’s a great poem…..

An Ode to Loads of Sweets

Quality Street are made to share,

it says so on the tin,

but in our house we race to tear

off every jewelled skin.

We start off trying to be fair

and queue up single file.

But very soon the tub looks bare

and wrappers start to pile.

Favourite fillings disappear

(for me that’s toffee fudge)

but creamy centres needn’t fear,

safe from the candy rush.

And then we share the highs and lows

that every sugar seeker knows.


Wasn’t that just wonderful?! Thank you so much, Sharron. Your great poem has got us all reaching for the tin. Brilliant.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more Yuletide action real soon…..

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