Poetry Party

Hello Poetry Lovers

I really want to share a wonderful event on Wednesday 11th January at the Solar Sisters Cafe in Guildford.

Genius poet Sharron Green held a poetry party at this great venue. From 2 till 3.30 pm, and a cake and cup of tea later, a group of us got our heads down and wrote some magical poetry. This week it was haiku and triolets.

Joined by the wonderful Dilly Orme, Andy B J Low, and Cassie Moriarty, we had a great masterclass. These are some of the wonderful examples

Senryu (haiku about love)

Love embraces all

Pierces hearts exquisitely

A pain we treasure

Sharron Green 2023

Sad Song

I met a friend in town today

I listened to the saddest song

her smile was down her eyes were grey

I met a friend in town today

she said her love had gone away

she didn’t know what she’d done wrong

I met a friend in town today

I listened to the saddest song

Trisha Broomfield 2023

Sadly, Trisha couldn’t be with us on this occasion due to poor health. We look forward to her joining us in February.

That night Sharron also guested on Radio Woking on Elaine McGinty’s show. Excellent and articulate. Well done, Sharron.

This marvellous venue also has open mic poetry once a month, thanks to Sharron. The next one is Thursday 16th February at 7 pm.

And our next wonderful poetry party is on Wednesday 8th February at 2 pm. I’ll be there! Please join us if you can.

Thank you for sharing this unique experience with me, PL’s. I’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…….

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