Life Skills

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome back to more life advice and skills. This is a very quirky piece by the lovely poet, Trisha Broomfield.

So uncomfortably true and a real joy to read. I know this will resonate with a lot of us. There is a great dishonesty in this piece that applies to us all. What we should, and what we shouldn’t…….

Do read on

Life Skills

Do follow a recipe,
then add your own ingredients

get clothes ready the night before,
change your mind in the morning

plan each evening meal,
then get a takeaway

shop for sensible shoes,
buy outrageous heels

give up biscuits,
then munch when no one’s looking.

Trisha Broomfield 2023

Wasn’t that a wonderful piece?! Thank you so much, Trisha. Please keep them coming. Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…..

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