Didactic Corner

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we have a didactic poem. I love giving out instructions, even better if it can be in a poetry form. A very loose one admittedly.

Now forgive me if I have directed it more to women PL’s than men. There are still things we can all identify with, especially the first and last line.

Now, I don’t know what Dobby’s doing in that poetry wardrobe but I’m getting her out right now!

Ten Things you shouldn’t be without….

A hot cup of coffee in a nice cup

A china one with a snippy one liner on the front 

You must only brush your hair with a paddle brush 

You put on your good coat – one of your Mum’s preferably

For the warmth and security  you need 

Before your stockinged feet step inside a pair of good shoes

from a shop that would measure your feet if you asked them to. 

Put a nice scarf around your neck, despite the inevitability

that it will blow back against your face and be covered in lipstick 

Damaging the self esteem you were determined to carry with you like a favourite handbag 

Put a nice piece of jewellery round your neck and please don’t lose it 

And check that you have a notebook and pen with you for obvious reasons

And if you come home to a purring cat, you can’t go wrong 

Now I hope that advice was life-changing. Though I appreciate these are things you had all along. Now, PL’s, I’m sure you have life advice all of your own, answers on a postcard please……

Oops! Dobby’s just gone into the Poetry Basket. That can only mean trouble! Thanks for stopping by, Poetry Lovers, we’ll be back real soon……

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