One Night in Kentish Town

Hello Poetry Lovers

Loathe as I am to hark back to last year, I must share with you my night out at the captivating Torriano House. As the song by Murray Head goes – One Night in Kentish Town makes the hard man humble … something like that anyway.

It was a real birthday treat on Sunday 4th December to be invited by the magical Wendy Young to perform at this esteemed venue where many wonderful poets have read…

It was a joy to meet the marvellous Pauline Seawards who organises unforgettable nights like this. Pauline performed her classy poems beautifully. Her new collection This is the Band is breathtaking.

Now, I’ve made this small room look very occupied, proving that the camera actually does lie. As there were a total of 8 of us altogether. 3 people were the actual audience – ie friends of mine that I had brought with me! What a birthday party for them! Chinese takeaway next year, I promise!

I am so blessed to have such dear and loyal pals. This is Mary, Heidi, moi and Mary. What would I do without them?! I didn’t realise at the time that they would be the entire audience! Lordy! Still, a cold Sunday night in December is a very daunting prospect indeed, even for the very local. Thank you so much for your support, my lovely chums.

The real advantage of having a very small turnout is that my wonderful and talented hero Barney Ashton Bullock could take the floor with the open mic section. His unique collection Cul-De-Sacrilege! could be aired without restraint. I was so thrilled to have him there.

And speaking of heroes, it was an honour to perform alongside the fabulous Wendy Young. Performing such clever poetry such as Millie. I also loved her look – very Eartha Kitt!

I was on before Wendy, natch. And I hope I did my best. One of my pals doesn’t like swearing – oh dear………

Such a thrill and honour to be among these wonderful poets. An unforgettable evening. Also thanks to Sue who let us in early, and for her valuable support. Something you cannot buy. Thank you, Sue.

After a quite frankly, grim birthday tea for my pals – sandwich, crisps and wine on paper plates – I drove us all home, tired, cold but elated. I hope to return there one day.

Do not miss these amazing and clever collections by such talented poets….

Thanks for tuning into this memorable experience, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon……

4 thoughts on “One Night in Kentish Town

  1. What a fantastic review Heather. I’m sorry I wasn’t there, perhaps next time… and of course, in March we shall be welcoming Wendy as our featured poet at Poetry Performance at the Adelaide Pub in Teddington, and of course, Heather will be performing.

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