Satin Secret

Hello Poetry Lovers

For this post, I could not resist Sharron Green’s exquisite piece on something I’m confident we’re all guilty of. Also illustrating lacy underwear is so so alluring and reeks of glamour.

Sharron’s poem is so clever and true, haven’t we all got a treasured yet very unused item like this?! Do read on, it’s a terrific piece. Thank you so much, Sharron

Satin Secret

I am the g-string in your drawer,
the one you haven’t worn before.

You thought I was a great idea,
but I am less than I appear.
My lacy bits are super scratchy
and there’s no bra that’s matchy-matchy.

I was a target that you set,
but you haven’t reached it yet,
and let’s be honest, it’s unlikely

that you’ll ever squeeze in me.
So why must I be the recluse?
With bloomers all in daily use?

Ok I don’t take up much room,
but I feel wasted in the gloom.

I sparkle when your eyes are drawn
to my sexy, red hot, date-night form,

and that’s why I’m destined to be
your alternative reality.


Oh yes, those last two words really sum it up. Think I’ll head for my drawers (if you see what I mean) and name and shame those unused little items. Well done, Sharron. Lovely piece. Please keep them coming.

Do look at Sharron’s beautiful website for more wonderful pieces –

Now, PL’s, I’m sure you have a poetry drawer of your own containing many things. Do share them with us…

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon….

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