Hello Poetry Lovers

Do you remember The News of the World, that old Sunday staple? Well, this following poem is not dissimilar to one of their scandalous headlines!

Our cub reporter was there in person, readers, and brought us all the scandal of this poetry party and their lewd behaviour! Such an expose! Read on if you dare….

Sestina fell in love with Haiku

Swearing blind their love was true 

Limerick swooned over Trimeric’s verses

So did Villanelle – who muttered curses

Triadic held tight onto Epic’s arm 

Staying susceptible to Elfchen’s charm

One Minute Poem with Tanka flirted 

All Serious issues completely skirted 

Didactic gave their orders and instructions

Tritina went through the usual functions 

Ekphrastic and Dactylic Hexameter kissed 

While the sonnets were busy getting pissed 

The Chant poem just went on and on 

While nonet and couplets got it on 

For Triolet, it was love at first sight

Walking with Madrigal in the moonlight 

(The Italian version!) 

H Moulson 2023

Would you believe it, PL’s?! Those nice innocuous poems! Or so we thought! Stunned and shocked by their behaviour! Any poetry scandal you have, please pass this way! Good for circulation!

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon….

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