Party of the Year….

Poetry Party

Well Hello, Poetry Lovers

I’m afraid this post is by invitation only, and NO trainers beyond this point! This is the party event of the year.

I was just reading about Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball in ‘66 which was the triumphant event of the season! Well, not anymore, Mr Capote! Eat your heart out!

Wonderful poet Sharron Green has given us the party to end all parties. Only the very elite are sent a gilt-edged invitation. Those chosen guests, please line up at the door……

Poetry Party

A poetry party’s odes of fun,
it flows so well, excuse the pun.

There’s room for all from far and wide,
both long and short stand side by side.

There’s Limerick who’s such a card,
and Sonnet posing as the bard.

Pantoum all dolled up like a dame,
and Villanelle the household name.

Sestina leaves all guests in awe,
but Epic has been known to bore.

Elfchens and nonets take good care
they count their words so none are spare.

Haiku and Tanka spend the night
ensuring syllables are right.

A few like ghazal and rondeau
repeat themselves but charm us though.

Some guests are free verse others rhyme
and all rejoice at party time!


Wasn’t that just a terrific party?! Thank you for that, Sharron. Please keep those invitations coming.

Now, PL’s, I’m sure you’ve got a terrific social engagement to share with us. Answers on a postcard please.

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers, we’ll be back real soon…..

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