Poetry Dinner Party

Hello Poetry Lovers,

Now I usually have a bit of a block with dinner parties – meaning I avoid them like the plague!

However, not this one, I’d be breaking down the door to attend, and I wouldn’t be fashionably late either! I’d be the first in the queue.

Clever poet Trisha Broomfield has created an ideal poetry dinner party which everyone in town would dream of being invited to. An equivalent to Truman Capote’s Black & White Balls in Manhattan. What a great piece, Trisha, thank you so much

Dinner Party Verse

Begin with simple couplets,

(You don’t want to overwhelm your guests).

Serve a sparkling Villanelle (shows a knowledge of form)

place bowls of acrostic around the table

Offer a choice of meaty sestina or light cinquain,

season with vowels (a and e only)

this course is best accompanied with a light lyric,

or a more full bodied pantoum, one glass per guest.

Make allowances for any guest who may have haiku,

and those who require a triolet break.

Nonets will calm digestion,

you may include free verse for those rhyme sensitive.

Dessert, serve softened sonnets.

For a bit of sauce, spoon over senryu.

Limericks to finish and a selection of epigrams.

And all will be well.


Wasn’t that a great dinner party, PL’s?!

Certainly the talk of the town! Fantastic Trisha, please host another one sooon!!

Now, I would like to see some of Your poetry table concoctions, PL’s. Follow Trisha’s good example and get that recipe to me Now!!

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll be back real sooon…..

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