Poetry Soup

Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, I keep hearing the words Poetry Soup lately and I couldn’t resist sharing my family poetry recipes. All out of my dog eared poetry cookbook, natch. I hope this piece inspires some great poetry meals…..

Poetry Soup

Put in some vowels 

Cook on a low heat 

until they grow 

Then throw in some rhymes 

and a drizzling of syllables 

before pouring in some humour

Cook till there is genuine warmth 

and interpretation 

At the least you’ll be simmering 

a nice juicy triolet 

At the most an alphabet form.

Left to mature they could become 

a duplex or a chant 

Tuck in and enjoy 

Alternatively fry 17 syllables with some nature 

and creative oil for a haiku. Or 11 words

for a tasty Elfchen. Avoid limericks if you can. 

Skinny poems go on a more medium heat but beware of lines 2, 6 and 10. Do not over season. 

Or just throw some ideas in a big pan haphazardly for a free form piece. 

For a Trimeric broth, or a Golden Shovel stew, see page 17 

For the more ambitious who want to make a 

villanelle or sestina, use your slow cooker for 

several hours. 

For an epic poem simmer overnight.

Be wary that the dactylic hexameters and stressed syllables don’t over cook.  

I hope you jotted these recipes down, PL’s, because I want to see the finished products. I know you’ll brew up a fine concoction. A Ghazal pie perhaps? Or a couplet soufflé? The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon….

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