The H Word….

Hello Poetry Lovers

This week, we give another nod to lovely poet and tutor Sue Burge who feeds me a poetry gym keyword every week. I would thoroughly recommend it.

A very recent task was to make a poem using the word H. This particular letter has a distinct sound as you draw breath to say it. And it’s at the front of all sort of fun words and emotions.

Here’s a hapless piece (you’re getting it already, aren’t you!) I drew up. Grim in places but you know how it is…..

Hapless Piece

Homesickness woke me but hope warmed my coffee

Happiness not at home but humility washed the dirty plates

Hovering cigarette in the ashtray and an unwashed floor 

Hatred could so easily take over the household, with 

Humiliation moving in as its housemate. 

Haplessness could so easily succumb to hysteria but

Home is the only place I have. 

H Moulson 2023

And if that one didn’t depress you, this one will….

Got up. Happiness not at home so 

Hope warms up my coffee 

Heartwarming clothes on the dryer

Wool engulfs my cold skin 

However, the day looked dire 

H Moulson 2023

Do have a shot at this. All the letters we take for granted can open up a new meaning. I look forward to your H pieces first.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. More poetry action real soon…..

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