Part Two…….

Our Hero, Plastic Paul, a prime suspect for Daphne’s murder.  Surely not???  Read on…. “Now look, Officer, there are things that you should know” The young constable sighed inwardly: That’s what they all say, these murderers.  It was going to be a long night “You see, my wife’s cousin and I had a complicated relationship”Continue reading “Part Two…….”

The Amanda Ann Family Film Noir

Part One:“Oh no!!!  Daphne!!!” “Oh my Good God!  Who could have done such a terrible thing?!” Our Hero exclaims, upon discovering the body:“We must act quickly, Marjorie! …. Ummm Marjorie..?”“Hic!”  The elegant Lady of the House replied: Paul turned to his cherished daughter, Lavinia:“For Gods sake, Lavinia!  Phone the Police – now!!” “Oh for fuck’sContinue reading “The Amanda Ann Family Film Noir”

The Amanda Ann Family Show Christmas Special

Christmas is upon us once again, as we enjoy a sumptuous lunch. It all being a rather quieter affair this year.  Lord Posh popping round later, and The Slaggs away on their honeymoon: The old fool said “yes” at last.  (Chuckle)  Marjorie, naturally, was dissatisfied at her generous array of presents:  After all the troubleContinue reading “The Amanda Ann Family Show Christmas Special”


“But…”, spluttered Marjorie, breaking the life-changing silence, “You said he was Louis Walsh’s!”  “Hah!,” Davina spat, “And the poor sap fell for it too!  But now I’ve spent all the hush money, I can stop pretending!” “Davina!  You are a liar!”, I croaked, not daring to look at Marjorie’s stricken face.  “Just take a lookContinue reading “PART SEVEN”


“Good God!  Davina!  How could you?!”, Marjorie gasped: “Basil and I are in love, Marjorie”, Davina announced.  “You may have been a plaything to him, but I’m certainly not!  – isn’t that right, Basil?!” “zzzzzz…”, her lover replied.  So it was a grim old affair when Davina packed her case, and came to sneer GoodbyeContinue reading “PART SIX”