A Night Out….

Hello Poetry Lovers I’d love to share a night out with you on Friday 13th May. My lovely friend Raefer and I went to the Vauxhall Tavern to see the marvellous poet Barbara Brownskirt Swooning over Ms Brownskirt at the Slip Off Festival in 2019, I asked the festival organiser and dear pal, Barney Ashton-BullockContinue reading “A Night Out….”

British People in Hot Weather

Hello Poetry Lovers On Thursday 21st April, I went to the wonderful St Anne’s church in the heart of Soho to see the launch of Paul McGrane’s new collection British People in Hot Weather Set in this exquisite panelled room, the much missed Paul McGrane, formerly of the Poetry Society and the wonderful Poetry@3, launchedContinue reading “British People in Hot Weather”


Hello Poetry Lovers Yes, I know. Another treat in the talk show studio. Today our guest will be Chris the Postman Poet! (Rapturous applause. Security is called) (Chris glides down the lighted stairs effortlessly) Thank you so much for coming on the show, Chris The pleasure’s all mine. (Standing ovation. Host silences them with aContinue reading “Interview”

Belated National Tea Day

Hello Poetry Lovers A belated National Tea Day to you. Last Thursday I believe, and how could I not acknowledge such a cherished institution?! Especially with this wonderful piece from talented Trisha Broomfield and her beautiful poem that sums up how we feel about this lifesaving drink. Thank you, Trisha. Please keep them coming. ReadContinue reading “Belated National Tea Day”

Hannah Lowe

Hannah LowePoetry ClubSupported by the TS Eliot FoundationThe Coronet Theatre5th April 2022 I have to confess that apart from seeing this wonderful poet, I had an ulterior motive to exorcise memories of that former flea pit The Coronet. A cinema I frequented in the late seventies, a grim setting with unforgettable films like Jubilee. ItContinue reading “Hannah Lowe”

Easter Parade

Hello Poetry Lovers Happy Easter, and how could I not include a lovely seasonal piece like this from the talented Sharron Green?! Although restrictions have loosened somewhat, we are still tentative towards going back to normality, and this poem is very relevant indeed. A corker, Sharron, thank you so much. Read on, readers…. This Easter’sContinue reading “Easter Parade”

Poetry Basket Review

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Poetry Basket Review. Today we have an absolute stunner by the very talented Pratibha Castle titled A Triptych of Birds & A Few Loose Feathers. Her award-winning debut pamphlet gets a well-deserved hot review. Pratibha has been highly commended in various poetry competitions, and longlisted for The BridgeportContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review”