Ovi Capers

Hello Poetry Lovers I’ve been a bit behind this week. I’ve been so absorbed with the daily poetry tasks from the magical Poetixu Stucture Workshop led by the charming Dara Kalima, an amazing American poet and inspiration. So, this is my stab at an Ovi poem an ancient Indian form. Of course, it’s all aboutContinue reading “Ovi Capers”

The Kyrielle Affair

Hello Poetry Lovers Well, I’ve jumped in at the deep end again and tried a new form of poetry. This is day one of the amazing Poetixu Structure Workshop, and already my eyes have opened up. They offer wonderful courses to poets all over the world on Instagram. Thank you, Sharron Green, for getting meContinue reading “The Kyrielle Affair”

Dobby’s Poem….

Hello, Poetry Lovers well, the lovely poet Sharron Green has written a beautiful acrostic for a certain feline we know as Dobby. It’s a lovely thoughtful piece, thank you so much, Sharron. Do read on Dobby Daintiest lady, poised and petite Only accepts the best fish to eat Black satin fur that shines in theContinue reading “Dobby’s Poem….”

Sardines for Supper…..

Hello Poetry Lovers Thought I’d put a nice summery picture on here from 2017. I admit I’m not actually eating sardines there in that Regents Park Cafe, however, Trisha Broomfield’s marvellous piece Sardines for Supper brought them back to me so sharply. It’s funny how these supposedly functional ways of living affect us. When IContinue reading “Sardines for Supper…..”

Interview …..

(Loud spontaneous applause as the host wafts on stage) Now settle down, (Security on standby) as today we have the amazing artist and musician Lucinda Sieger (Pandemonium as our esteemed guest elegantly descends the lighted stairs). ( Host bangs a ruler on the desk – there is a silence) Lucinda, welcome to the show….. ThankContinue reading “Interview …..”

Surrey New Writer’s Festival Part Two …..

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome to Part Two of this terrific event. Well, what can I say about Nikita Gill and Instagram Poetry? Chaired by Sharron Green, this amazing Instagram poet, Nikita gave us a fascinating session. This talented writer, poet and playwright, read from her poetry collection Where Hope Comes From, born from the firstContinue reading “Surrey New Writer’s Festival Part Two …..”

Surrey New Writers Festival – Part One

Hello Poetry Lovers Well, I had the time of my life at the Surrey New Writer’s Festival yesterday. Intricately planned, with a wide range of writing sessions. I adored the Taster Session of Poetic Compaction (getting started with short form poetry). Beautifully opened by Sharron Green and an in-depth introduction of why short form poetry,Continue reading “Surrey New Writers Festival – Part One”

Surrey New Writer’s Festival…

Hello Poetry Lovers I am so excited about this event next weekend. Fabulous guests and masterclasses, plus taster sessions like Teaching Your Character to Talk, and An Introduction to Short Form Poetry. There is a talk by poet and playwright, Nikita Gill, among many other treats. All classy material. The lovely poet Sharron Green isContinue reading “Surrey New Writer’s Festival…”

The Return of the Poetry Basket….

Isn’t it great to see The Poetry Basket return?! And don’t you love looking in it? Well, today it contains Outside In, a wonderful new pamphlet from talented poet Polly Bull. And we know what comes next, don’t we? A review of this intriguing collection… read on… Outside In by Polly Bull Well, I’ve comeContinue reading “The Return of the Poetry Basket….”