Poetry Demons

Hello Poetry Lovers Now, during this heat and the long days of August, instead of feeling sorry for myself as usual, I have been writing daily August poetry prompts and I have really been enjoying them. I thought I’d share one of them with you, this particular prompt My Demons Write Poetry gave me theContinue reading “Poetry Demons”

Villanelle Recipe

Hello Poetry Lovers We return today to that thorn in the side poetry form – the Villanelle. The lovely Poetry Performance regular and genius poet, Connaire Kensit has unfolded this enigmatic structure with a wonderful and concise villanelle. Do read on; Whatever will be, will be. Or will it? We all agree that nature hasContinue reading “Villanelle Recipe”


Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the talk show studio (rapturous applause – host silences them with a stern look) Today’s special guest is the wonderful poet and real talent, Sharon Andrews. (Pandemonium- Security stir uneasily) Now settle down, everyone. We want a nice dignified round of applause now for Sharon Andrews…!! (Sharon wafts gracefullyContinue reading “Interview”

Poetry Basket Review

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Poetry Basket Review. We have a stunning collection in our basket today. Riveted by Graham Buchan’s impressive new collection The Pleasure of Firing Back, I gave it a golden review. Please do read and really consider buying this very strong book of poems. The Pleasure of Firing BackContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review”

Mirror Issue

Hello Poetry Lovers Today I thought we should have some mirror action. Mirrors are so intriguing to draw and write about. They are infinite and mysterious. So for fun, I’ve penned a couple of pieces. One’s reflection in the mirror is:Hopeful in the morning Dodgy in the afternoonPast caring in the eveningAvoided at night SkeltonicContinue reading “Mirror Issue”


Hello Poetry Lovers Thanks for joining us today as we have the wonderful and talented poet Hannah Stanislaus (audience applauds ecstatically – host bangs a ruler on the desk) (There is silence) Okay, gang, lets give a big hand for Hannah Stanislaus (Standing ovation – security cut short their fag break and head on backContinue reading “Interview”

The Vowel Affair

Hello Poetry Lovers What can I say?! Whatever has our hero Luke Wright ignited here?! And how fortunate I am to know such talented poets. Wimping out after attempting an A vowel only poem, my contemporaries have gone from strength to strength, taking on vowel pieces and building up such intriguing and alluring poetry. IContinue reading “The Vowel Affair”

A Night Out with Robert Garnham

I know! What ravers we are! One social engagement after another. Especially with talented poets! We adore the Guildford Fringe Festival, so much more civilised than that overwhelming Edinburgh one. So much so, that last night we went to see the prolific and wonderful Robert Garnham upstairs at The Keep. A beautiful venue opposite theContinue reading “A Night Out with Robert Garnham”