Life with the Amanda Ann Family part Five

There is a knock, and Mary lets in a new neighbour:

 “Tell your mistress that my name is Sindy Doll, and that I’m a really competitive mother.  At once, servant!”

“Fuck off!”, Mary replies

However, Mary dutifully informs her mistress (who is at home to callers) of her visitor:

“Then show her in, you dozy cow!”
(There is much friction between them)

 “Have some fucking tea”, says Mary

 “By the way, I’m also a nymphomaniac, and I swing both ways.”
“Oh I say!,” Marjorie exclaims, thinking of the wild chandelier swinging parties of her old days.

But it did not work out that way:

 “You’re not really into this, are you?”, Sindy Doll ventures.
“Not anymore, it seems”, said Marjorie, embarassed.  
“Why don’t you, and your old man, join our PTA.
We finish the meetings by nine, then we’re all in bed, if you receive my meaning!”

 Later, Marjorie reflected that life in Twickenham might not be so bad after all.  

 However, over dinner, Majorie decided not to share this with Paul, and would no longer be at home to that common Doll woman.  

However, the next day, Mary informed Marjorie once again of a visitor:

 “I told you, Mary, that I was Not At Home to that woman!”
“Oh no,” Mary said darkly, almost knowingly, “It’s not HER!”

The visitor walked in:
“Alistair!  After all this time!”
Marjorie swooned.

Next installment – Alistair declares his intentions, Majorie is in a turmoil, and Paul does sod-all.

Don’t miss part six – same time, same channel.

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