Part Six

Marjorie was brought round from her fainting fit, and faces her old love:

 “Oh Alistair”, she breathes, “Why have you come?”

 “I have never gotten over you, Marjorie (from the old days)”
“I’ve not stopped searching for you.”
“But what about your country surgery?”
“I’ve given that all up.  I’m now a GP in London!”

“Whatever for?”, Majorie asks 
“Because of YOU, Marjorie.  I thought we had the Real Thing – and then you go off to Italy with that young boy!”
“Ah yes”, Marjorie says dreamily, “oh I mean…I didnt’ want to..”
“I urge you to marry me, Marjorie.  Leave Plastic Paul to his multi-adoptees, and come with me for a better life!  I will await your answer, my darling”

As Paul goes to leave…

“Why!  Young Lavinia!  How you’ve grown up!”

Lav runs to her room, in shock at confronting her childhood crush. 
“I still love him,” she cries, “I still love Alistair!
Mama can’t have him!  She can’t!”

Meanwhile Marjorie reflects, and embarks on a plan to test her true feelings.

She devises a cunning plan to seduce Paul, and find out where her true feelings lay:

 They start with a romantic meal

She then plays him the most sensual of her recitals.
Paul sits there reflectively:  he knows where all this is going.  What was it about bloody women, why did they always want to seduce him?
And it didn’t stop there either: It was “darling, I must buy this..” or “Master Paul, I fear I am with child…”

“Oooh, I say!”

Despite Paul actually getting into his own bed for the first time in months, it was not a happy occasion:

“For Gods sake, Marjorie!  Uncross your legs!”

“It used to be THIS big!”, Paul explains

Majorie is not listening.  She fears it has to be Alistair she chooses

 Next installment, Marjorie makes her ultimate choice – or does she?  Meanwhile, Paul gets a revelation himself. 

2 thoughts on “Part Six

  1. Hmmm, addictive stuff. Reminds me of recent series White Heat, though in that they were a lot more bendy, didn't have a piano and the characters were all on the same scale. Apart from that, strongly reminiscent. Love it!


  2. Thank you, DD, that was sweet of you to visit. I simply got out my old toys from the sixties, then the Voices told me to do this. White Heat eh? I saw the film of that title recently with James Cagney. I guess its not the same one, will look up. Hope you're well xx


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