Hello PL’s

My! Is it October already?! – Well, it’s come up with the goods weather-wise! Cold, grey weather like October’s of yesteryear! Keep up the good work! None of this 20 degree nonsense.

I’ve penned a poem about October Harvest Festival set in 1967….

Sit tight….


Girls carried goods in a box

I just clutched a tin of beans

I handed it in to the Harvest Festival

Dreaming of other things

The Vicar looked down his nose

at the single tin – I went red.

“We’d like to thank you for all your

generous gifts,” he sarkily said.

My Mum said “Ignore ‘im!

Thinks he’s too good for us lot!

Mean old sod should be grateful,

all that bloody stuff he’s got!”

I didn’t really give a stuff,

it just got me out of class.

It was half-term soon, then

Xmas, he could stuff it up his…


I’m racking my brains here, readers, to find the missing word. Answers please on a postcard to…

Any poems about this harvesting month, please do send them in.

Anyway, thank you for watching, tune in for more poetry antics, same time, same channel…..

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