Hello, Poetry Lovers, welcome to the show! Today we have the unique, wonderful, innovative Celine Hispiche!!


Now settle down, PL’s.

(gives them a stern look, audience sit down meekly)

Excellent. Face the front!

Because here she is! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Celine Hispiche!

Hello and welcome to the show, Celine! A greeting from Dobby there, with a secret message to Belu

Thank you for having me, Heather

(rubs her shoulder)

And may I say I love that crochet mini dress, and wet look boots! So cool eh, poetry lovers?! (cheering brings the house down)

Thank you. Sat up several night crocheting this! Still catching up on sleep, and I hope to God I’ve cast it off properly!!

It’s so wild, my sweet! I’m gonna get a crochet hook during the break!

Now, Celine, I’m desperate for you to fill us in on your rich musical and writing background……

I have always been drawn to music, my dad used to manage punk bands when I was a kid. I loved getting into his Morris Minor and driving to different recording and rehearsal rooms. I did my first stand-up gig at 14 at the Frog and Nightgown on The Old Kent Road and I knew then that the stage was for me.

Growing up with the sounds of Edith Piaf and Poly Styrene really inspired me to write in yer face material. I joined the Royal Young People’s writing group when I was 19 and was lucky to work with some talented writers ie April D’Angelis and Hanif Kureishi. I was a featured writer and had my work put on at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill and upstairs at The Royal Court.

I then honed in on my comedy act and performed on the main stage at Glastonbury.

Next port of call was Manhattan where I toured all along the East Coast, including the famous Catskills where Lenny Bruce graced the stage.

Another great honour was performing for Louise Bourgeois at her private salon in NYC. I have had four consecutive years at the Edinburgh Festival. Music and comedy has seen me writing my first musical, five one woman shows and working with Marc Almond and Dave Ball from the legendary Soft Cell.

Lumme, Celine! What a great background and learning curve! There are least four names that that made me swoon. And growing up with the Punk movement there – what a childhood! You’re solid gold! The real thing!

(very emotional applause)

Who were your greatest influences?

My Irish nan as she was a fantastic mimic and storyteller. My Dad Mo, he’s so rock n’ roll. The famous Caberet album and film. Soft Cell, Music Hall, Weimar and Parisian Cabaret. History. People in general and their life stories.

Amazing influences, Celine. Adored Cabaret, played that record thin. Still know the words. And yes, it’s amazing who are under our noses and the things they can tell us.

Now, you’re a big part of Soho, and you have opened doors for a great array of talent. Tell us about Celine’s Salon and how it started.

Celine’s Salon was born in 2015 at The Society Club in Soho. I’m a huge fan of Gertrude Stein and wanted to create my own unique salon.

With my love for cabaret I coined the term Literary Cabaret to bring life and rhythm to the evening. Featuring writers from all genres is our main purpose. Encouraging and supporting and giving writers an appreciative platform to share their work. We now have a monthly residency at Gerry’s Club on Dean Street which we hope to be back in the early new year.

And what about the innovative and cultural Soho Radio show?

Ahhh, I love the radio show. It was always on my wish list to have my own show and ironically Soho Radio was my first choice.

As a Soho boho resident I like being part of the community. Soho is a very tight community and filled with all walks of life. The Salon is a major feature of the show where I invite salon performers to come on as my guests. We also like artists and musicians to come on so we can support their work and spread the word.

Do you want to share your next project with us?

I will be running a series of monthly one woman shows in Soho from late November. The venue is super secret at the moment as we have to wait and see what the current situation will be as the winter comes in. I am really hoping all performers will be back in venues in the not to distant future.

My shows are based on left field women through history from Nell Gwyn to the Marchesa Casati to name but a few.

I will also be working in the new year on a very flamboyant cabaret show and the return of Celine’s Salon, fingers crossed, will be heading up to Glasgow as soon as we get the green light!

Celine! This is so impressive! What a year you’ve got ahead of you! I really want to get my mitts on those one-woman shows! You’ll be dynamite!

Isn’t she prolific and talented, Poetry Lovers?!

(deafening applause.)

Thank you so much for coming on the show, my sweet. It’s been fascinating and wonderful!

(a standing ovation with remaining security standing by)

Now my dear, shall I meet you in The French House with that handsome Ken Thomson ? Or the John Snow with that good-looking Welsh man, Iain Richards?

Umm…. afraid they’re both closed for a private booking, Heather. Iain, Ken, Gary, Pinky and I are invited but er……

I’ll get on that guest list someday! Mark my words! Meanwhile, it’s watching the telly with Dobby.

(Celine coughs awkwardly)

Oh, I see! Dobby’s been invited…. say no more…

Thank you so much for coming on the show, Celine, such an inspiring interview.

(applause, standing ovation, the lot)

Celine gracefully ascends the lighted stairs before being smuggled out in a van.

Celine has left the building!

Wasn’t that a wonderful interview?! Thanks for watching, tune in same time, same channel………

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