Yes, Poetry Lovers! We’ve got the fascinating and enigmatic poet, Michael Cutchey on the show today!


Now settle down, PL’s. I know you’ve been queuing all day but we don’t want to frighten our guest, do we?! Because here he is….Michael Cutchey!

(our guest sweeps down the lighted stairs accompanied by disco music, almost drowning out the rapturous applause)

Michael, thank you so much for coming on the show

(Loud standing ovation. Security are nervous)

Pleasure, Heather. What a gas!

And may I say how much I love the white suit, Michael, especially with the black shirt! (cheers from the audience – So Cool! etc)

Many thanks. I’m off down the discotheque later so…..

(our guest looks around nervously)

Er… is Dobby here? I don’t want to get her fur on my suit! Also she bit me last time…….

She’s head of security now, my sweet. Dobby’s got her paws full!

Now, tell us everything about your acting and performing background

I’ve always been a bit of a performer. At school I struggled with dyspraxia and learning how to even hold a pencil, so I relished the chance do anything practical.

I’m very lucky to have had some amazing acting tutors throughout my education. After school, I studied performing arts at college, and found it a deeply enlightening experience. After that I joined some local am-dram groups who have become close friends and supporters, alongside my poetry family.

What a lovely way to put that, Michael. Yes, I think of us poets as a family.

So how did poetry become a part of your life?

Funnily enough, I wrote my first poem at six years old, and it was apparently so well received by my teachers that they laminated it and stuck it to the school library wall!

After that I had a bit of a haitus, until I was in my early 20’s. After that, I couldn’t stop! Over the last ten years I’ve managed to churn out nearly 700 poems, it’s become an integral part of my life, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

That is so impressive, Michael! 700!! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!! You really are a prolific poet.

Who were your greatest influences?

Anyone who knows me knows I love Horror as a genre, but it might come as a surprise that the poet responsible for me discovering the art form was actually Sylvia Plath! She has such a powerful voice and paints imagery so vividly, it’s breathtaking! Other than Plath, I also enjoy a bit of Charles Bukowski, albeit no thanks to his controversial nature.

Stylistically though, my biggest influences are probably the two great titans of Horror, Howard Phillips, Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. The latter has some amazingly sombre and melancholic poems, such as The Raven, The Mourning Palace and A Dream Within a Dream to name a few.

On the other hand, H. P. Lovecraft was less prolific as a poet, than as a writer of lurid stories for pulp magazines at the turn of the 20th Century. Again he is a very controversial person, but his impact on the horror genre is undeniable.

I can see those influences in your work and performance. It works for you too.

Tell us about your project/plans…

Aside from the usual churning out of more poems, I have been picking away at a novel for a while now, although I’m still a little rusty when it comes to prose. It’s a horror story (obviously) about a man and a haunted house, set in the mid 1800’s.

I’m also hoping to arrange some anthologies of my poetry for potential submission to publishers.

(spontaneous round of applause)

Gosh, Michael. I want to read that right now! And I think you should get those poetry subissions in….

Now, you know what I’m going to ask – what is the best poetry gig you’ve done – and the worst?

I have to admit I consider myself very lucky in that I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad gig, at least not in my opinion. I always enjoy reading and try to go at it with gusto, and I think the audience appreciates that and enjoys it.

One standout gig for me was Halloween 2019, where I performed Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocky in full Victorian garb for Write Out Loud Woking. Halloween is always my favourite time of year because it means you can dress outlandishly, and I like to think I look good in a top hat and a cravat.

We second that, don’t we, Poetry Lovers?!

(huge round of applause and out and out agreement)

Your stage presence and dress is stunning, Michael. You have such a style.

We have so enjoyed talking and listening to you. Now which discotheque are you off to tonight? The Write Out Loud one? Or..

.(Our guest suddenly looks very nervous)

Ah, I see Dobby’s returned…..

(our esteemed guest legs it)

Wah! Dobby! Not the white suit!!!

(tears up the stairs, Dobby at his heels)

(Loud loud applause, audience go mad)

(shouts up the stairs) Thank you so much for coming on the show, Michael!

Wasn’t he wonderful, PL’s?! I hope little Dobby isn’t too hard on him! I dread to think of the cleaning bills for that wonderful suit!

Thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers, we’ll be back soon with some more poetry antics. Stay tuned……

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