Pink Slippers

Hello Poetry Lovers.

Today, I’d like to feature a poem by the lovely poet, Barbara Lee. Someone who I’ve come to know well during these last months. Not only are we fellow poets with a mutual respect, we are also cat lovers! So a full ten out of ten there!

Barbara has written a lovely piece called Pink Slippers, which is so full of relevance and great imagery.

This is a picture of Barbara Lee who looks just as glamorous outside the picture. Anyway read on for this charming piece

Pink Slippers

Today I bought some pink slippers

For the winter months here

I never prepared that I would be spending it so near

I always plan a trip away

Last year it was San Francisco on my way

But this year I won’t be venturing very far

Or going out late in my car

I will be snuggling up on my settee

With a nice cup of tea

Watching a film or reading a book

The cats giving me such a look

Which says we are all here on our own

My pink slippers and me at home.

B Lee 2020

Wasn’t that wonderful, PL’s?! Great stuff, Barbara, keep them coming.

Here’s a nice Slipper gallery for you all.

Thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back with more poetry antics real soon. Same time, same channel….

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