Bath Night…..

Hello, Poetry Lovers. Today we feature a stunning and nostalgic poem from the lovely and talented Trisha Broomfield.

Badedas on Bath Night will hold many memories of that one night of the week. Once again we’ll inhale that classy Badedas. Still the best really, but it’s the Coal Tar soap that really brings back the bathroom for me. I still buy it when I can…… Anyway, read on….

Badedas on Bath Night

Cuticura talc and coal tar soap,

Badedas on bath night

a trail of foot prints across the hall,

water soaking sisal,

transistor radio balanced on discarded clothes,

tights wrapped round water pipes,

hair dried by two bar fire,

eyebrows plucked to threads

in time for bed, quilted dressing gowns,

plastic rollers stabbing into scalps,

Ashes of Roses, candlewick, radio Caroline

posters peeled from papered walls,

Cupid’s Inspiration, the first LP I’d ever own

and through the painted window frames

the dream of romance never to be known.

Trisha Broomfield 2020

Wasn’t that just wonderful? Which of that lovely piece brought the sharpest memory? Definitely for me was the drying of hair over that two bar fire, it’s a wonder how many of us are still alive! Health & Safety would not like that!! And those candlewick bedspreads – I think I had a green one. Fabulous, Trisha, bless you for that.

I’ve tagged a glamorous picture of Trisha at the end there – I think the middle one resembles me!! I can’t believe how I’d sleep in those things.

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. More poetry antics and japes soon……..

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